Install Theme


Model: Francesca Romano

Villa Cerulea, Diamante


Design competition for an innovative noise barrier

Alubel S.p.A. - Genesis Acoustic Workshop

Antonio Vottari Portfolio [2010 - 2012]


Polytechnic of Turin _ second level degree in architecture and construction engineering

March 2012

An office building design, previously realized, has been the base for a study about particular themes concerning passive behavior, façade systems, thermal flows computation and air-conditioning system hypothesis. Particular attention required the study of different green wall system typologies, designed in relation to the solar radiation dynamics. The façade-green wall system highlights the functionality of the action, which expresses, at the same time, an architectural language, typical of vertical greeneries. The use of green walls as solar shading presents huge advantages in term of  thermal comfort, mainly because we’re talking about dynamic systems.

Today the integration among greenery, architecture and environment can acquire a more technological value, involving a different planning conception.


2011, Sassuolo (MO), Italy

be.sign team _ Giovanna Barone, Salvatore Di Pasquale, Luca Ferraresi, Stefania Murdeu, Antonio Vottari, Luigi Zichella

The Politeama theatre of Sassuolo (MO), Italy, is situated in the old town center and it is currently disused. The building originated as a meeting place, a benchmark for cultural and recreational activities of citizenship and, as such, it needs to be improved with a renovation work.It’s not so immediate to set a new appropriate use, which could be adaptable to the building features, especially because the project outline must be truly realizable and in agreement with the Cultural Heritage Department. It’s very important that a building like this, placed in the city center, has a meeting function from a social point of view. We set ourselves the target of modeling the theatre and making it a multi-functional space, so that it could supply to several different needs of people, it could change itself depending on different necessities, both during the day and during the year.We took into account that the required technologies to carry out the renovation should trying to be less invasive as possible.The layout is not obviously distorted. The main entrance is re-established on the primary façade; the large central hall gets improved. In this new way, the theatre would get different uses, depending on the floor, but related among them.The Politeama theatre can be again an important element for the city, not only for its story, but also a benchmark for traders working life, for teenagers. The multi-functional building could be usable day and night and it could quickly change its aspect.

A flexible space is more attractive, can live for a longer time and can be lived for many more people.


Apri 2012, Bovalino Marina (RC), Italy

The process that induces to a building realization doesn’t seem to follow a clear and well-defined logic sometimes. Actually, there could be even a mix-up between planning and construction, most of all concerning private buildings. The reason may be related to ever-changing client needs, even when the project gets under way.When a very long time between plan and construction passes, it could happen that the original plan itself becomes meaningless, outdated. In these cases, the plan could undergo a re-styling, in accordance with the new client needs and, perhaps, what has already been realized till that moment.This is what happened about a residential building situated in Bovalino Marina (RC), Italy. The ground floor had been realized, according to the original plan, many years ago. Before the rest of the building getting under way, the client asked me to cooperate with him and the original plan author to redesign the building envelope and the internal subdivision of the rooms.

The building redesign is work in progress.